Clients buy hardwood furniture expecting high quality for many years to come, putting your company's reputation on the line with each product they buy.

If your clients are finding loose bolts/joints or your workers are breaking products during production - it ends up costing your company money.

Why not do something about it?

The LIMIT Dowel™
  •  Lower production costs
  •  Higher reliability after sales
  •  Assured reputation for your company exceeding your competitors                product offering.



Two key factors set our heavy duty cross dowels apart:

1. The LIMIT Dowel™ does not loosen - it is self locking.
2. The LIMIT Dowel™ is built to limit the amount of torque and therefore tension you can apply - this ensures you get the right amount of torque without breaking the wood you are working with.  

The LIMIT Dowel™, unlike a regular cross dowel nut,  ensures a solid connection in wood joints whether its an outdoor or an indoor project. From a bed frame or closet to a table or chair the LIMIT Dowel won't come loose!






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CLICK HERE for a list of woods the LIMIT Dowel™ is suitable for.

Technical Details

  • Built for M6 bolts 

  • 12mm diameter

  • Weight (g): 3.9

  • The LIMIT Dowel™ is for hardwoods with Janka hardness 1450 lbf (6460 N) and higher.

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