If the recommended torque is exceeded or not reached it could mean a damaged product or reputation, repairs or in the worst case - a serious safety hazard.

On the one hand you need your bolted connections to stay securely fastened and on the other hand; workers, contractors or end users cause unnecessary damage by either over tightening or under tightening your products 

Why not solve both problems with one product?

The LIMIT Washer™ 
•  Works as part of an existing bolt , washer and nut assembly. 
•  Improved cost effectiveness during production by controlling                              torque/tension to the correct level. 
•  High reliability post sale by remaining securely fastened and ensuring that        correct torque is built in to the product.
•  Assured reputation for your company exceeding your competitors                      product offering.

Built In Torque Limiting & Locking 

Perhaps the area where tightening too much, too little or not securely enough has the most economic impact is in large scale industrial projects or mass production manufacturing , requiring planning and commitment to do everything right before even starting.


Knowing that tightening to the correct level, coupled with no longer needing to re-torque, is a significant benefit. If up to now, using torque wrenches or other expensive tools (that themselves require maintenance, calibration and rechecking after tightening) was the way, now a simple lock washer will ensure correct torque level AND secure locking every time.

When investing so much in a project, and putting your reputation on the reliability and quality of the work, a small investment that ensures everything is tightened consistently and exactly to your defined level provides a huge return.

The Technology

Technical Details

Sizes Available:

  • Threading: Coarse Only 

  • For Easy 1 Cycle Use 

  • Zinc Plated (Plating Options Available)

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The LIMIT Lock Washer™ works in tandem with a standard nut and washer to prevent over tightening while creating a securely locked bolted joint that is resistant to loosening.

This patented design uses 2 main working principles:
 RCC (Radially Compressing Cone™)
This is the core and center of the washer, on compression the RCC creates a very powerful radial force inwards onto the bolt at a precision engineered clamp load (preload). When the clamp load reaches a certain point , the nut which rests on the cone begins to compress it downwards and radially towards the bolt.
The amount of torque required to turn the bolt further greatly increases because the limiting effect of the RCC
begins. At a specific  point the clamp load becomes near static with torque that would be in excess of the tensile strength of the bolt begin required to exceed this clamp load limit. 
2. RNN™ (
Retaining Nut Nest™) As the nut compresses the RCC, the outer tabs which make up the RNN begin to grip the faces of the nut such that the nut is securely held in place once the clamp load (preload) limit is reached. As the RCC is locked onto the bolt and the RNN is holding the nut in place, loosening is preventing.

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