POWER Lock Nut™
The ULTIMATE Lock Nut + Torque & Tension Limiting


Vibration Proof,
Prevents Over Tightening 

Available in ALL sizes
Automatic Torque/Tension Limiting (ATL)

Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial Applications & MORE! 

The POWER lock nut™

•  The only lock nut on the market that has built in torque & tension      limiting without measuring! 
•  Ensures reliability and maintains reputation for the life of a project        or product.
•  Usable in high vibration environments and in critical bolted joints          where loosening is not an option. 

The Technology

Using the  Power Lock Nut™ very simply and reliably prevents over tightening while providing truly vibration proof locking.

The patented technology that makes this possible combines the locking benefits and maintained tension provided by a specially designed spring washer working in unison with a nut that locks from the radial pressure the washer provides on compression.




















This ground breaking Power Lock Nut™ design uses 2 parts;

1. The specially engineered  (RCSW) Radially Compressing Spring  Washer   which on compression creates very powerful radial force inwards on the cone of the second part (the nut) while also creating tension/clamp load / preload that is maintained even in severe vibration.

2. A specialized lock nut design that works with the RCSW in unison.

The working principle:
On compression of the
during tightening the nuts 'cone' and the vertical cuts of the nut are compressed inwards creating dramatic stopping force on the bolt.The clamp load is carefully designed to be limited to a specific range that cannot be exceeded. Once locking begins, the bolted connection will remain securely fastened even in high vibration environments while the clamp load will remain limited even if additional torque is applied.

Technical Details


Sizes Available:


  • Threading: Coarse only 

  • Contact Us For Available & Custom Clamp Load / Preload Ranges 

  • Zinc Plating Standard / Custom Plating available

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